Camp at Willoughby

Spending some time in the Upper Valley & looking for a place to stay?

Looking to get Closer to Nature

Looking for an incredible view of the mountains and unpolluted Night Sky?

Or Perhaps you just want to spend a little more time with the animals?

Willoughby offers multiple camp sites for overnight stays!

All Proceeds to Go Directly Towards Caring for the Animals!

Animal Lover? Pitch a tent in the pasture and be right where the action is!

Looking for an AMAZING view? 

Reserve the Big Sky Tent Deck site. 

No Tent? Or perhaps you're looking for a truly unique experience? Reserve the greenhouse!

Find Inner Peace at our Buddah North site!

Enjoy the quiet without giving up modern amenities.

Keep your comforts and Join the Animals!

Reserve our RV spot to enjoy water, electric, & WiFi!

Prefer your Privacy? We also have secluded tent sites!

Click Here to Book a Campsite at Willoughby

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