Rescue / Surrender

A rescue sheep at the farm

If you find yourself struggling with a farm animal and don't know where to turn, click here for details about surrendering your animal to Willoughby.


General Public:

Please note that although our mission IS to rescue neglected, abused, and abandoned farm animals, we are still a private entity and DO NOT have the authority to seize animals. We are also unable to take possession of animals which have been unlawfully obtained as they would unfortunately be considered "stolen property". If you are concerned with the welfare of any dometic animal, you MUST contact your local authorities. Although this may unfortunatly delay aid to the animal(s) in need, it ensures all proper channels and procedures are followed which greatly reduces the chances of the animal(s) being returned to their abuser.

Animal Welfare & Other Agencies:

If you are in possession of siezed or surrendered animals and would like to speak with someone about placing them at Willoughby, please contact us.