How Can I Help?

Want to help the animals at Willoughby? There's a variety of ways you can make a difference:

Tell me about the adoption process

All candidates looking to adopt an animal from Willoughby must complete an adoption application. Once reviewed, someone from our team will reach out to discuss the adoption further and schedule a home visit. A small adoption fee will be required upon signing of the adoption contract. This typically covers the spay/neuter of the animal (if applicable) and basic routine veterinary care. This fee then goes towards providing necessary care to the next animal that enters our care. 

Why aren't ALL the animals up for adoption?

There's a few reasons why any particular animal may not be currently available for adoption. 

First, there is a waiting period from the time an animal is first placed in our care to the time they will become available. This gives us time to provide the animal with medical care and work through whatever trauma it may have experienced. Additionally, it provides us time to get to know the animal which helps us when determining an appropriate placement. 

Additionally, some animals simply may not be a candidate for adoption due to health or behavioral issues. 

Lastly, it is important for us to keep a small number of each species to act as "therapy" animals for new rescues. Animals who have experienced trauma need calm & well balanced companions to show them they are safe, and to learn what life is SUPPOSED to be like. 

I have an animal I need to surrender

If you have a farm animal you are struggling to care for, contact us to discuss your options. 

There's a farm animal that needs to be rescued, can you help?

Yes, HOWEVER.....

Although our mission IS to rescue neglected, abused, and abandoned farm animals, we are still a private entity and DO NOT have the authority to seize animals. We are also unable to take possession of animals which have been unlawfully obtained as they would unfortunately be considered "stolen property". If you are concerned with the welfare of any domestic animal, you MUST contact your local authorities. Although this may unfortunately delay aid to the animal(s) in need, it ensures all proper channels and procedures are followed which greatly reduces the chances of the animal(s) being returned to their abuser.

What we CAN do is provide safe place for the animal to receive proper care, recover from their traumatic past, and eventually find a loving home. 

Is it true you allow visitors to camp overnight at Willoughby?

Yes! Willoughby Rescue has multiple camp sites available for a small nightly fee. Camp under the stars with the animals. All proceeds from the camp sites go directly towards the care of our animals! 

How long has Willoughby been around?

Willoughby Rescue was founded in 2014.

Is Willoughby a Non-Profit Organization?

Yes! Willoughby is a 501c3 non-profit. All donations, as well as all profits from our campsites, go towards the care of our animals.